What we do

We provide your organization the IT infrastructure, along with administrative support to do teleradiology.

Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images along with pertinent clinical information from one location to another via the world wide web for the purpose of interpretation and report generation by radiologists. This normally entails transmitting images from an imaging center or hospital to radiologist’s workstations at remote locations such as another clinic or hospital, an office, or one's home. Along with images, patient demographics as well as pertinent clinical information are ideally sent a web based RIS system. A comprehensive solution is required to bridge the gap between clinical facilities, radiologists, transcription, and an operations center/administrative team.

ConnectRad’s Solution:

Enables radiologists access to radiology images along with patient information from any location that has a broadband connection, at any time. Our web based systems bridge the gap between hospital radiology departments or imaging centers and radiologists. We close the loop for patient work lists, radiologist dictation of voice files, transcription, report sign off, and report distribution.

ConnectRad can connect to any PACS, and if you don't have PACS, directly to your imaging equipment via a pc gateway. Depending on your equipment, we provide necessary hardware and software for image transmission at no or low cost.
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ConnectRad assists setting up and maintaining secure networks from your radiology department to our servers, and your radiologists’ workstations. We handle the connections from your PACS or imaging modalities and deliver the images to the radiologists’ workstations over the internet using secure encrypted VPN tunnels, all based on your radiologists’ reading schedules and needs. Your imaging facility has only one destination to transmit images for remote reads, and we take care of the rest, by routing the data to the appropriate interpreting physicians. Whether this means routing images to radiologists in your group, your after hours teleradiology provider, or simultaneous locations, we provide the service and support. This is accomplished at minimal expense, and is routinely done on a fee/exam basis with no or minimal set up costs. We assist in getting your imaging facility on line, managing and routing your images, and setting up, as well as, supporting your radiologists’ workstations. Patient data is managed through our web based ConnectRad RIS system, which interfaces an unlimited number of facilities, all the radiologists in your group, transcription, as well as our 24 hour administrative support team and operations center. ConnectRad is integrated with our image management systems to provide seamless workflow. Combine our image management solution with ConnectRad's web based patient data platform, and you have an all inclusive and cost effective service for your off site radiological needs.

Burdened by the high cost of reading stations?

ConnectRad provides an economical purchase or leasing solution of leading-edge workstations with tools for the interpretation of a multitude of imaging studies including plain radiography, CT/CTA, MR/MRA, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and PET/CT Fusion.

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